Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Pejam celik, pejam celik.. da hampir Lima tahun rupanya aku di bumi UTP ni. Dan kini, sudah tiba ke penghujungnya untuk aku menamatkan pembelajaran aku di sini. Suka, duka... gelak, tawa... nanges, hiba... semuanya bercampur baur membentuk aku yang sekarang. aku yang sudah jauh berubah daripada aku yang pertama kali menjejakkan kaki di bumi UTP suatu ketika dahulu. Serasa, semua itu baru terjadi semalam. di mana detik-detik perkenalan aku dgn Sofia, Emma, Faei and Yan.

Jadi, awal pagi tadi berbekal kamera yan.. kami berlima merakamkan detik-detik kenangan sebelum graduate dari UTP. (nota: ade org tu, b'ia ckp nk kejutkan semua org. alih2, aku yang tido kul 5 pagi ni jugaklah yang kejutkan semua org. hahaha:P ).

::us:: from left: emma, pia, faei, me & yan::

::vandalisme kah??::
p/s: ade org tu kan.. die kan.. takut tinggi. w'pun kaki die lagi panjang dr kaki aku. haha :P so, die takut nk naik dat palang... wek~wek~

::love UTP::

::nee..nee~ tgok2:::

::mmmuuuaahhh, luvya!! thanx 4 everything ^^::
p/s: faei, da duk jauh2 ni.. u jgn la xcontact i pulak ye.. kate long distance kan~ hahaha :D
::merenung mase depan.. kemanakah aku selepas ini?::
p/s: haih.. keje ape la aku ye nnt? keje oh keje.. dimanakah keje? *sigh* ble nk dpt keje neh~

kepada semua yang mengenali diri ini, maaf dipinta andai selama perkenalan kte ade terkasar bahasa, teguris di mana-mana atau terlebih gurau. maaf, ye :) sesungguhnya, aku tidak tegar dgn perpisahan. tapi, apa yang pasti.. setiap yang bertemu pasti akan berpisah. di sana jua yang berkekalan.. dan munir pernah menasihati aku:

::jangan jadikan perpisahan itu sesuatu yang kekal::

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

quote #01

handing someone a gun
letting it point to your head,
that he won't pull the trigger~

Thursday, November 20, 2008


ABBA Lyrics
S O S Lyrics

Monday, November 17, 2008

shines sun shines w/ ur beloved rainbow!!

p/s: after threw out everything dat keep bugging me all of dis while, finally i cud b d old me again. *phew*.
Sorry, to u... coz' i'd changed to someone dat even u cudn't recognized. gomenne~gomenne~ ^^v. uuhh, rain, rain go away!

We loved going to his place!! eheee~ rilly misshhh it.. uh, dat stupid schedules make us hard to find suitable time to visit him again.*sigh* rilly hate dat stupid schedules! *be patient* it's going to come to the end soon. afterward, both of us can smile like him while eating our burger and pie!! hoyeah~~ ^^

Saturday, November 15, 2008

triple tagged!! *uhuk2*

wah, wah, wah... i was being tagged by 3 persons almost at d same time! adeh.. first by aisyah, second by anep and lastly by kinkin-chan~ at first, mmg quite lazy to reply all of those tagged. but then, my second thought said it can't b helped lah. since 3 people tagging me kan~ (cewahhh bajet hawt lak! hahahaha :P wek2~)

7 weird things about me

1. Jog: i really enjoy doing this thing when i'm down in the dumps. instead of screaming out of no where, i like running on my foot till tired. hence, when ur body is in exhausted condition it can helps to calm u down. during dat time, u can rethink all of ur problems and try to solve it in controllable mind.

2. Sleep: i'll alwiz feel sleepy when i'm on faei's bed. it's juz like u t'kena sumpahan. uhhh~ besides that, when we ( pia, ema, faei n yan) lepak2 in faei's room and like alwiz... i'll lying on her bed and suddenly when i wake up, they already finish their gossiping~ -_-" even they wonder, how cud i sleep in noisy condition. urgh~ how eh?? i dunnoe. i juz felt comfortable. hahaha.. like there are everyone in the room dat cares for me. so, i can sleep peacefully. hik3 :P

3. i really really like everything dat made from milk; lotion, shower foam, chocolate and biscuits. but, unfortunately i can't stand drinking milk. hahaha~

4. alwiz being bullied by kids! isk3... i dunnoe how to fight back. kang nanges lak dorg. -_-"

5. baby: OMGoodnesssss! i rilly rilly fall in luv w/ them. juz looking at them make me feel like i want to have my own baby too. but.. err, i'm not married yet :P (awk, i'm not pedo kay!). i juz like them. they r rilly cute and huggable. rase mcm nk kiss2 aje ^^ p/s: when eh, i'll have my own baby?? *bluch*

6. Shopping: wahaha~ luv it! every month for sure i'll buy something for myself. if not for clothes, there will be shoes, handbags or any other accessories like bracelets, hairband or makeup! haha.. not rilly crazy on makeup stuffs. but then, juz buy it as one of necessary thing for women ^^v. i'll put dat on my face if only i've an interview, or detink *wink* (jrg gak neh!).

7. i'm d type of easier to forget & forgive others. no matter how bad they did to me, i juz can simply forgave them juz like that and forget wuteva things they had done to me. Pluss, if i'm innocent or not guilty to dat person w/out hesitation i'll try to said sorry first. coz' i dun like having a crisis w/ others, if not.. dat thing will alwiz bugging me every second.

phew~~it's hard to complete these 7 weird things neh!

Peeps dat i wanna tagged:
anyone who's feel want to~ xkesah..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

run siput run.. dun eva look back!

hoyeah~~~ finally, bout an hour ago... d siputsssss crazily ran away from my life. and i can shows dis face again --> ^^ eheee~ yadaaaa...yadaaaa.. how i'm missing dis face damn much. sankyu to dearly butter dat finally wanna fly again. OMGoodness! phew~ legenye... so, shud i celebrate dis winning? haha. sgt gila to think bout all of dis stuffs. first, d siput crazy thing dat slowly migrated into my lyf. and now??? dearie butter dat wanna fly, which it wud b end up as a butterfly and make my days colorful as itself? err.. am i thinking too much or am i too fictional??


wuteva it is, i juz feel relieved now. and i shud thanks to the beautiful butterfly... coz' it can chased out all of d siputssss and make them regrets coz' entering into the wrong spot. hahaha. gila!! like ultraman who had to fight with d ugly raksasa la pulak. :P alamak, terlebey suda~~ (wah, quite a long time i didn't use this phrase hik3:P)

k k. enuff playing with both siput n butterfly.
-away: get back to the real life-

p/s: dun miss me siputssss and welcome to my lyf dear butterfly~~
eheee~~ ^^

hidup yg dipenuhi dgn siput2... duh~

*out of space & spice*
but already full by the siputness manner! ish~~
# start from last week till dis week internet connection at ere r sooooo siput!! deng lah..~
# still got 2 more papers + final presentation for FYP
# ouh, not to forget.. d PDP's report dat need to be completed lyk siput oso!
# Job hunting: the siput also attacking dis area. till now i can't find one. already can see d future..bakal pekebun anggur berjaya lah jawabnye. -_-"
# tidak paham. kejup dingin, kejup mesra amat. *sigh*
# at dis moment i juz felt so siput! rase buruk cm hodoh gile, berserabai!! low gile aku nye self esteem T_T. OMG...!!
# siput oh siput... plz go away from my life.. if not, i'll away myself from dis life.

nota kaki:
kadang, aku terasa ingin lari dr hidup ini.
Tewaskah aku jika itu denai yang aku pilih?
tidak.. aku tidak perlu lari. hanya satu yg perlu aku lakukan.
berani hadapi ia. usah bazirkan titik-titik peluh dengan larian yang
entah apa hasilnya: kalah. aku cuma perlu berjalan. tidaklah
sepantas atau seperlahan Si siput. cuma aku perlu kekalkan kelajuan
ia semaksima mungkin. PERLU!

Monday, November 3, 2008

tidak puas

uhuk2!! sengal ape la aku tyme cenggini. xpuas xtually mengarut di entri sebelum ini. reason? hurm~ "percubaan entri sebaris" kot. tu pon gagal!! isk.. da ngantuk amat~ tp, design yg menimbun2 ni bile nye nk siap kalo aku turutkan mate yang mintak dibelai neh. adeh,la.. apsal la kene design all of d equipments tu. costing lg..aiyark2! kalo mau ikutkan hati yg sedia malas neh. mmg xnk sentuh langsung keje2 tu. tp, memandangkan dateline untuk presentation esok, hmm driven force untuk siapkan design2 tu amatlah tinggi. ^^

FT-reactor- equipment design (50%), drawing of mechanical design (0%), costing (0%)
FT-wax storage tank- equipment design (100%:completed hoyeah!!^^), costing (50%)
FT-heat exchanger- equipmet design (100%: hoyeah~hoyeah~^^), costing (0%)

wah2~ byk lagi keje rupenyeee *sigh*
/me away: keje-keje-keje-keje-keje-keje!!

Percubaan entri satu baris

Sangat t'cabar dengan entri ini. So, terhasil lah entri ini. joke2!! :P (kesengalan membuat PDP melanda*sigh*) urgh, title post gagal!!T_T

Sunday, November 2, 2008

happi happi happi happi happi...!!!!!

d title of this post already shows how happi i am rite now... i dunnoe how to describe it, coz i'm rilly happpppi... alhamdulillah..~syukur sgt2... and thanx, for being my fren. mmmuuaahh!^^

happi-terase ingin terbang!!

p/s: i want to dedicate this post to sya


::Nasi Ganja::

btw, i juz read from amal's blog (xajak!!!) bout dis famous Nasi Kandar of Ipoh.
and u noe wut.. there is a new location of the stall. it is not located at Jalan Yang Kalsom n'more (err, i juz google. don't have a clue xtually kt ne :P).
ere d map for d new location:
p/s: anyone?? ieja... jum!! hahaha kte gi on 4th Nov after ur fyp presentation and mine: PDP presentation. hehe:P why ieja? i dunnoe. d 1st person i cud think rite now is ieja. i planned to texted her xtually. but, kang die ckp gile craving amat, pepagi bute lak tu. hahaha~

erk! pdp... [warning2!!]