Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'd cried a lot!! T_T

while waiting for sahur, I'd watched FO ep 52 and ep 53. the most sad and teary episodes. and I'd cried trought out the episodes untill 3 am. why?? because that were the final episodes for the sweet & savage yejin (Park Ye Jin) and the clumsy chunderella (Lee Chun Hee). the time has come for both of them. even tho, they'd spent only one yr with the family, but there is a bunch of memories were created which we will savour and remember it forever deep inside our hearts.. playing alot of fun games, cooking delicious dinner for the family, breakfast duty, cacthing chicken (credit to yejin ^^), and being a scuba-divers for the family (credit to chun hee).

ou, my... when i watched it, i just cried and cried....... especially the breakfast part... when each of them starts to cry after one another... and chunhees sad face just made me feel so sad with them leaving the family :(

I can't imajine Family Outing without Yejin & Chunhee. Not being too much, but you would know how it feels if you watch Family Outing every week. :( Wishing both of them the best, & hope the new members is fun like the others. Even though they can never be replaced, i think they picked the right 2 ppl to join family outing and i hope that they fit in well! chun hee, yejin.. fighting!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ouh, lelaki!!

wah~ inilah penyakit aku. kalo skali da update tu, nk update je manjang. bile skali da malas nk update tu.. mmg malas ah! ngeee~~ gommnenne.. :P pasni i'll try to find some anti-biotic to prevent this disease, ek.. jk! hihi

ha~ jz wanna share some stories pasal several frens of mine. some of d stories are rilly... sweet!! and some juz a lil bit bitter or perhaps, they are too much emotions? lol

::cerita 1::

i jz noe him for a few months, and die sgtlah best untuk dibuat kwn and *ehem* bf!, no.. kidding :P tau, nape aku ckp die best kalo dibuat bf?? die neh amatlah sweeeeeet!! y i said so?? haa.. he has a LDR (long distance relationship) with the gf. for about 3 yrs pluss LDR within d country. but suddenly the gf got an offered to further study d oversea. and... from this point lah start miscom and all of d stupid stuffs.. and suddenly the gf asked for a break up b'coz the gf tought dat there's no understanding between both of them. but this sweet man doesn't giv up. he's alwiz pujuk the girl. smpai lah one fine day he decided to go to d country where the gf study and his purpose jz to make up with the gf. sgt2 sweet kan?? igt murah ke nk ke oversea? kalo die from family yg kaye raye xpe, la kan.. but he's jz a normal ordinary guy. and die sanggup keluarkan saving die beribu-ribu, semata-mata nk pujuk the gf. wut an effort!! kalo the gf xterharu lagi and tak percaye lg dgn ketulusan hati dis guy.. xtau lah kan.. nk ckp ape. after all, he's rilly a good man. i wish u all d best, dude.. :)

p/s: rite now he's trying his best to complete d mission.. ^^

::cerita 2::

okeh.. langit xselalu nye cerah kan? pasti mendung kelabu kan di bawa awan. same goes with d guy. xsume lelaki baek or boleh diharap. err... ade kaitan ke ngan perumpamaan kt atas tu? haha.. lantaklah. :P btw, aku agak menyampah dgn sesetengah lelaki (baca: tidak semua). nape aku nyampah? ok. cmni cite die. korg rase menyampah x bile dgr lelaki (baca: mmber lelaki korg) yg da ade gf tbe-tbe ckp kt korg; "if gf i xde, u la pilihan i" or "u noe wut.. u r my 1st choice" wudde..~ apsal perlu ckp cmtu?? perlu ke?? so ape gune gf korg tu? perlu ke perempuan di rank sebegitu rupe? nk suke/bercinta perlu ke disusun atur atau di ambil nombor giliran? perlu ke? kalo da namenye kawan, kawan je la.. tayah nk rank 1st, 2nd or 3rd choices after ur beloved gf. xkn la kalo korg nk bercinta dan berkasih syg tu ade degree of love lak? kalo da btol2 syg.. cinta... kasih.. bercinta lah!! tayah pastu nk ske2 ati ckp kt org itu dan org ini ko nombor satu, ko nombor 2.. dan seterusnya. bukannye nk tunggu giliran kt toilet ke.. kt bank ke.. post office ke, kn. pelik... haish! tapaham aku. siyes tapaham.. adeh2. ni yg emo ni. lol :P

::cerita 3::

sweet talker!! ini lg satu yg nyampah.. ckp je sweet smpaikan ley buat org cair macam makeup yang mencair di bawah panas terik! (lol.. bapak taley blah perumpamaan ni. xsedap langsung!!). padahal...juz main2 n xmaksudkan pon ape yg dorg ckp tu. bajet cm nk test market je. so, kepada perempuan2 di luar sane.. dun easily fall in love dgn lelaki-lelaki yg menanam tebu di pinggir bibir. dorg ni umpama tin kosong kadg2 tu. bising je lebih. padahal nothing!! aik.. cm anti-lelaki lak aku. hahahaha~ :P tp siyes, perempuan-perempuan patut dgr lagu "hey ladies"; rossa. baru t'bukak sket mata. lol.. (tbe2 nk promote lagu rossa kan.. :P)
aa~~dah2. tanak mengarut da. kang ade org ckp aku anti-lelaki lak... lol :D ne de. cume jz mengekspresikan ketidakpuasan ati je. kadang2 kene gak b'suara. kalo diam je.. kene pijak2 kang. macam-macam perangai lelaki ni. aku tak kata perempuan ni sume baek. ade je yg buruk.. tapi, disebabkan entry kali ni pasal 'ouh, lelaki' (tajuk taley blah kn?? tbe-tbe t'igt kegedikann nana n fara fauzana.. lol) dats y, ckp pasal lelaki je. so, sesape yg nk wat pasal 'ouh, perempuan' ke, 'ouh, ladies' ke... 'ouh, bi**h' ke.. di persilakan.. haha~ :P

lately neh cm ske gile tgok cite korea. tp jdo tetap di hati.. hihi ^^ so, enjoy d pictures of lelaki-lelaki pujaan hatiku~~ ngeee..!! :P

Lee Dong Gun
Lee Dong Wok
Lee Jun Ki ::love::
Lee Jun Ki
Chang Min-DBSK
Bi Rain
Dae Sung
Yutaka Takenouchi ::with love::
p/s: i love him damn much.. tru dat jdo- with love i got my mirc's nickname. teruterubozu. wah.. lame xmen mirc.. ~

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

mari minum susu!!

read from this;
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 28(Bernama)-- One out of every two women in Malaysia aged 50 and above are at a high risk of developing poor bone health, according to data collected in a nationwide study by Anlene, the expert in bone nutrition.

"This means that 50 percent of postmenopausal women are at a high risk and need to take preventive steps to help minimize their bone health risk," commented Aaron Lambert, Nutrition Research Manager for Fonterra Brands. " Source; Bernama

and Google from here;

Some Facts to Consider

  • Bones can begin to breakdown from age 25.
  • By weight, our entire skeleton replaces itself every 7 to 10 years.
  • Bone is constantly being rebuilt.
  • Did you know bone is a living tissue?
  • As many as 4 out of 5 people with poor bones don't know that they have it.
  • Poor bones affects 1 in 2 women over 50 years worldwide
  • Poor bones affects 1 in 5 men over 50 yeasr worldwide.
  • Average calcium intake for women over 19 years is 749 mg/day. The current Reccomended Dietary Intake (RDI)1 for food labeling is 800mg/day although many require up to 1000 - 1300mg/day depending on gender and age.
  • Mean dietary vitamin D intake in women = 1.2 ug/day. The RDI1 is 10ug.

  • ANLENE provides 100% RDI1 for calcium, vitamin D and 50% RDI1 of magnesium and zinc in two (250ml) serves per day.

and Uena said;
i think i need to have milk as one of my routine meals!! even tho, for real.. i really hate d smell of dat white-yellowish drinks~ -_-" but after read from dayah's blog, there is one type of anlene's product dat has a very delicious-vanilla flavors and it doesn't ave d smell of milk. see, i rilly hate milk's smell. lol and maybe i can try dat products.. ngee~ "

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Bile duk sesorg kt utp ni dan sume org blk kampung, mule lah rase sunyi. nape xblk kg jugak? adeh.. nk sgt blk!! tp, keadaan xmengizinkn. nasib baiklah aritu de course kt usm and sempat gak curi2 blk umah and stay one day. even tho d next day kene bgun seawal 5 pg untuk siap2 n gerak blk utp. wuuu~ nape xkuar enjoy2? ye.. ade klise ngan kaped ajak. tp, sbb keadaan xmengizinkan (untuk mengelakkan drpd menggunakan perkataan 'bz' which is aku rase cm nyampah nk gune.. lol) dan dis week b'azam untuk rehat-rehat di bilik, which is sgt2 la success!! hahaha~

Sabtu- blk je ngaja tution.. lepak2 di bilik smbil makan2. then.. tgok2 FO pastu.. cm busan, pastu tdo. mlm pon lepak2, chatting2, msg2 + slumber je msg peja suh tepon blk. lol. pastu.. tdo lg!! hahaha~

Ahad- bgun tdo, g breakfast, g lunch, g dinner, g supper!! wow~~ lengkap jadual permakanan aku. sehat btol ni. xpenah lengkap cenggini. hahahha~~ and of coz ah setiap waktu makan tu diselangi dgn tdo. lol mmg weekend yg memberangsangkan btol lah...!!! :D

tp, kan.. esok keje laa!! uuuuhhhh~ Monday blues..! xpe2.. aku kan rajin. cewahh~~ kaman una!! yukenduit!! -tribute to teng lol

ah, lupe lakk.. rupe-rupenye habit aku time undergrad dulu xb'ubah2 lg. isk.. ske tul buat keje last minute!!! ngaaa~ padan muke, kene stay up nk siapkan keje.. :P

ouh, lg satu... skan ni aku mengalami sindrom kuat makan! T_T sape2 tlg stop/ sorok kan makanan dr aku. isk3~