Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I just arrived from Lumut. Really craved for a slice of Secret Recipe's cake. I don't know. I just craved for it since I saw pictures of a friend of mine celebrated the birthday. You know, when I crave for something, I'll make sure I'll get it. haha! So, here I'm. I took the car key and a bunch of students lab report. Yes, I'm planning on marking the reports while enjoying eating the cake! Then, I drove all the way to Lumut alone. Nope, I'm not inviting anyone to accompany me. I just want to enjoy the moment of driving the car alone and reset the depression mode that seems to appear slowly.

Oh, actually I loved when I'm eating alone while others observe me. haha! Hey, don't blame me for the attention. I bet you, who's not looking when a young sophisticated lady enter the premise alone. Of course I'll be the center of attraction. *ehem* :P Others might be wondering, why she's having the dinner alone and not with her friends, bf or family. ehee! And they will keep their eye on you until someone coming.

Ok, enough of being sangat-sangat perasan! LoL. Next, the waitress came and passed the menu. I looked on the menu for about 5 minute and ordered caffee latte with a slice of choc mud cake! ^^ While, waiting for ordered, I started marking reports. I observed around and suddenly my eyes caught a good views. A pair of couple! I can't stop looking at them and yeah, I'm thinking of craps! (oh, I think I shouldn't write the details here. lol). A few minutes later, a quite good looking waiter came and served the drink and the cake. When he opened his mouth and talk to me, I know he's not a Malaysian. I think he's a bangla, kot. Unlucky me.. haha!! Thanks for the food, I stopped looking at the annoying couple. Then, here comes a good friend of mine, kelise who's stole the lime light from me. haha! He had a meeting till 9 pm and not having dinner yet. Thus, I invited him to join me despite the fact that I already ate the cake. Ehee, sorry!

He's having spaghetti bolognese and an apricot juice. I'd accompanied him (or should I said he's the one who's accompany me? :P) while marking the reports and we had quite a nice conversation. Talking about the past and others crappy things... also sharing the thoughts. Thanks to you. Finally I can stop thinking about something that always bothering me. Although it is just for a while :)

Time's so fast. It was almost 11 pm ( the restaurant will close at 11 pm). Then, kelise went to the counter to pay for his part while I'm clearing and arranged my stuffs. Before that, I already warned him not to pay mine and he said 'ok'. When I went to the counter and asked for the bill, the boss said mine already paid. heh? Kuang asam! Sempat lagi kene scam dengan ko ye, kelise. grrr~!! But, thanks for the treat and chats... :)

the reports... 
Caffee Latte.. 

5 sachets of sugars..p/s: I think I put to much sugar..but I loved the taste! :)

a slice of choc mud cake! yummy~ ^^

p/s: Oh, don't blame me of going there and not asking anyone to go with. I just need a moment for myself. I'm not the type of sticking with others 24/7. I know, sometime I'd being selfish like kelise said or kejam perhaps? But I had enough, I guess. I'm tired of being nice while others took advantages on me. I think experiences taught me alot. Don't easily fall for people words. Today they will treat you nicely and later they didn't even care for you. So, be careful and Cheer up, babe!! ^^


puan.farah. said...

huhuhu..mengidam eh..kadang2 kite kene selfish =0

klise said...

oi celah mana aku mengeluarkan kata2 kejam dan kesat seperti "selfish"? aku soft and delicate tau y'olzz~

limauais said...

isokei kak uena..
sumtime we need our own space for ourself =)

Uena said...

puan.farah: haha!! ntah lah magh. ati tgah geram gamaknye.. hehe :)

kelise: soft and delicate? banyak la ko nye soft n delicate. nk muntah dgr, ok!

wani: hee~ cayang kamu!! ^^

Anonymous said...

wow.. report chem II..

Uena said...

aleng: err..nape kene wow kan, en aleng? kekeke :P