Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Msc update

for clearer view, clicks on the image :)

I just finished progress presentation on my Msc study with my supervisor, Dr. Chandramohan. Felt a bit relieved, because I'd completed the first objective and everything goes smoothly as planned. There is a long way to go. I have 3 more objectives to be completed. Hopes I can finish the study at the end of next yr. Insyaallah.. :)

During the meeting, I realized something important, which is I started to love this field. I'm not really sure about it. But I just want to put everything to an end. Thus, I can get out from this UTP-old-world (read: old defines 6 years study at here) to the real-challenges-world outside there. So, I need to give my very best to achieve the target. I truly want to try something new, meeting new faces, and have higher payment that suits my qualification.

Okay. Fighting! ^^

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